Them Damn Dogs

Them Damn Dogs pop, bluegrass and funk powers combine to create a unique rock & roll sound. You can check out their shows, music and get merch at their website!

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Them Damn Dogs – Jerome Villarreal, Drew Watts, Brandon Holmes, and Chris Salib bring their splash-rock sound to Spice Rack Studios. They’ve got a new single out “Tattoo” you can pick it up on Bandcamp.

You can hear Them Damn Dogs this Friday, September 19th, at The Foyer and September 22nd at Blurry Vision Records in Decatur.

Them damn dogs group

Tea in the Spice House

Tea in the Treehouse Banner

It’s the first ever Adventure Time themed podcast from the Spice Rack! We’ve got our first ever Adventure Time themed guest, Travis Short of Tea in the Treehouse.

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Travis released his EP inspired by the hit Cartoon Network Show July of this year. You can get his album “Not Just an Adventure” on bandcamp at:

You can see Travis Short live at the Foyer in Huntsville AL at their open mics on wednesday nights.

Travis Short Spice Rack Interview_DSC0043

Interview with Joel Elliott

We were fortunate to have Joel Elliott, the self proclaimed “#1 Homeless Comedian in Huntsville Alabama” with us at the Spice Rack tonight! Joel talks with us about the comedy scene, life on the road and the motivation behind comedy. Joel will be featured at the “Alright Bayou Comedy Show” Friday September 5th at Tim’s Cajun Kitchen.

Joel Elliott at Spice Rack Studios

Check out his Videos on

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