Spicecast with Sam Lewis

-A spicy taste of Sam Lewis’ cool blend of genres recorded right here at Spice Rack Studios. Huntsville guitarist Sam Lewis combines country picking styles, bluesy melodies and a myriad of musical influences to bring you unique tunes that are impressive technically and satisfying lyrically.

You can hear him live this Saturday at Flying Monkey along with visual artists and vendors. Today we hear “Two Free Birds, One Big Sky”, “The Filthy Low-Down Blues”, “Backyard Dogs” and “Toothbrush”. Check it out right here tonight at 7pm on spiceradio or download it tonight at 8:30 from our podcasts page.

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Weekly Update with Ben Jobe

Oh man, don’t know what’s going on this weekend?? Well now you do! Click here get in the know with all the events going on in the Tennessee Valley this weekend!

Tomorrow Friday the 21st

Grateful Dead 50th Anniversary Party at At Stragith to Ale 7:30 with Milltowne and Friends

The Society Cypher with Special Guest Boy Wonda FREE SHOW 1$ to get on the mic

ADIOS AMIGOS – Thompson MT’s Last Show with Them Damn Dogs 9pm at copper top

Saturday August 22nd

Clockwork Comedy at Prototype Media 8pm $7 at the door Shane Justice, Jordan Jensen, Zack Kennedy, John Gibson, and Jenn Snyder

Ready to Rock – The Big Gaping Holes, The Dirty Swagger, Cheap Thrill Deville and Ash of Eden at Maggie Meyes 9pm

Hometown Throw-down Presents Sam Lewis at Flying Monkey 5$ cover, you can hear Sam Lewis on this weekends Spicecast 7pm this Friday or Download it at 8:30

Spicecast: The Spicefest Episode!

Howdy Folks, if you have no idea what spicefest is, who these people supposedly playing are, and this isn’t my CNN news WHAT LINK DID I CLICK?! Don’t you worry, we’re gunna explain it all with the Spicefest Preshow Podcast.

Tonight you can hear a track from every one of the artists playing spice radio’s first annual spicefest! You can also get all the juicy details about spicefest happening August 15th. So check it out here! Or listen to Spice Radio at 7pm.You can also download it from our Podcasts page!

Get Spicefest Tickets at : tinyurl.com/spicefest/

Get more info at https://www.facebook.com/events/477243372448901/

Or you can download the MP3 Here!