Spicecast: The Spicefest Episode!

Howdy Folks, if you have no idea what spicefest is, who these people supposedly playing are, and this isn’t my CNN news WHAT LINK DID I CLICK?! Don’t you worry, we’re gunna explain it all with the Spicefest Preshow Podcast.

Tonight you can hear a track from every one of the artists playing spice radio’s first annual spicefest! You can also get all the juicy details about spicefest happening August 15th. So check it out here! Or listen to Spice Radio at 7pm.You can also download it from our Podcasts page!

Get Spicefest Tickets at : tinyurl.com/spicefest/

Get more info at https://www.facebook.com/events/477243372448901/

Or you can download the MP3 Here!