Spicecast: Local Orbit

Local Orbit has been on the North Alabama Music scene for 16 years. Over that time the band has gone through may mutations but current members, Anthony, Scott, Wes, and Gouza are still dishing out their signature hard rock, punk sound, served up with plenty of attitude.

The band did a live set at Spice Rack Studios featuring four new tracks, I Wanna Be An Astronaut, Mouse, Outta Town Enemies, and Starduster  that will be on their upcoming album!

Their first album is available on iTunes, and you can hear more tracks on their Sound Cloud

You find out more about the band and info on upcoming shows on their Facebook

The podcast premieres tonight at 7pm on our Stream and will be available for download at 8pm on our Podcast page.




Weekly Update: Halloween Edition


Spice Radio’s personal Crypt Keeper brings the creepy with this week’s weekly update. Get the low down on all the spooktacular shows, events, and parties happening this Hallows Eve in The Valley. We’ve got shows at Yellowhammer, Straight to Ale, Lowe Mill, Prototype Multimedia, Tim’s Cajun Kitchen, Maggie Meyers, Voodoo Lounge, Ward House, Humphries, and The Coppertop featuring the likes of Them Damn Dogs, Wolves of Chernobyl, Nocturnal Conversions, The Do Nuthins and more!

Download…. IF YOU DARE!!!


Spicecast: The Do-Nuthin’s

Straight outa 5 points, The raucus and rowdy Do Nuthin’s are a punk-folk trio with some interesting instrumentation. Patrick jams out on the Acoustic Guitar while Drew wields a rusty bow saw tied up in chains and Zach with the washtub bass is the cherry on top.  Also the origins of the Falcon’s Roost house shows, the guys talk all about running live shows, some interesting tales from their midwest tour and tips on dealing with authority. We hear “Rot”, “Illumination” and “Smells Like Bacon”.

-This interview explicit language not suitable to all audiences-

Check them out on their Facebook or check out Falcon’s Roost Productions and hear live music every weekend this month.

Hear it tonight at 7pm on Spice-radio.com/radio/ or check it out on our podcasts page at 8, or of course our Itunes.




Spicecast: Pizza Party Massacre

This week we sit down with Matt Bakula, Benjamin Rhyne, and J.D. Frye, the mad geniuses behind The Pizza Party Massacre.

Half haunted house, half nostalgic romp through the disappointment of your childhood, The Pizza Party Massacre is a Halloween treat to satisfy all those with twisted senses of humor, topped with pepperoni and MURDER!!!

The show will be running at Lowe Mill on October 23rd, 24th, 30th, and 31st with showings at 8pm, 9pm, and 10pm. There’ll also be a “clean” version for the kids at 4pm both Saturdays.

For ticket prices and other info click here

To see what you’re getting yourself into, check out this video from the first show in 2013.  EAT THE PIZZA!

The Spicecast will stream tonight at 7:00 on our stream

To download the podcast go to our podcast page or find it on iTunes starting at 8pm

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Spicecast: Share Your Cloud

Starting in Fall 2014 share your cloud set up some of their first booths at music festivals with Papadosio, a band which ultimately inspired their name. A year later Share Your Cloud has chapters spanning the US and have raised thousand of dollars for charities. Emily Malpica drops by tonight to tell us all about how Share Your Cloud came to be.


Find out how S.Y.C. helps local artists, musicians and their fans connect to raise awareness and money for local charities tonight! Check it out at 7pm at spice-radio.com/radio/ or download the episode straight from us at 8:00pm at spice-radio.com/shows/ and as always connect and rate us on itunes!




Spicecast: Cahaba

This week on The Spicecast, Cahaba joins us in the studio to play some smoking blues and talk about the finer points of time signitures, faking it in jazz band, and hitting the elusive G Major Neutral 0 chord.

Today on the show we hear “Big Spender”, “Funky Jams Part II”, “One Loose”, and “King of the Castle”, All recorded right here in Spice Rack Studios!

You can download the interview our podcasts page after it airs

You can find their music on their Facebook and their Bandcamp


Spicecast Special: Nmbr 11

We have a special Spicecast Minisode for y’all tonight featuring blues duo Nmbr 11! This group from Boca Raton Florida, blends southern blues from influences near and far. Nmbr 11 will be playing their first gig in Huntsville tonight at Salty Nut Brewery

They recently completed an album at Wishbone Studios over in Muscle Shoals and tonight on the show we’ll showcase the tracks, “Please Forgive Me”, “Bright Star/Wade in the Water”, and “The Wheel”. You can find their music as well as info about upcoming gigs on their website



Spicecast: Seminole Strut

This week on The Spicecast, the guys from Seminole Strut stop by to show off their new CD Clatter & Howl. Seminole Strut blends modern rock with southern fried soul to create a unique musical experience.

Seminole Strut recently won the second round of Al.com’s real music contest and had a live show at Yellowhammer Brewing that’ll be featured on a compilation album of new music from across the state.

You can find their music on their Bandcamp and info about their upcoming show on their Facebook

Download the interview here or on iTunes

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