Spicecast: The Do-Nuthin’s

Straight outa 5 points, The raucus and rowdy Do Nuthin’s are a punk-folk trio with some interesting instrumentation. Patrick jams out on the Acoustic Guitar while Drew wields a rusty bow saw tied up in chains and Zach with the washtub bass is the cherry on top.  Also the origins of the Falcon’s Roost house shows, the guys talk all about running live shows, some interesting tales from their midwest tour and tips on dealing with authority. We hear “Rot”, “Illumination” and “Smells Like Bacon”.

-This interview explicit language not suitable to all audiences-

Check them out on their Facebook or check out Falcon’s Roost Productions and hear live music every weekend this month.

Hear it tonight at 7pm on Spice-radio.com/radio/ or check it out on our podcasts page at 8, or of course our Itunes.