Spicecast: The Box Wine Bandits, The Percocets, and Saw Mamma

Scumbags, street kids, and train traveling troubadours assemble! Celebrate the new year with a debaucherous Spicecast triple feature featuring the down and dirty jangling sounds of The Percocets, Saw Mama and local scoundrels The Box Wine Bandits! The Percocets hail from NYC and feature a sound as raw as the streets themselves. Saw Mama AKA Mars comes to us from L.A. She’s a multi lingual, multi instrumental tour de force playing everything from Banjo to spoons and her specialty the musical saw. Our featured guests The Box Wine Bandits hail from right here in the valley. In their own words they play dirty rotten scum gutter trash folk punk. They’ll steal your wine and flirt with your girlfriends all before the cops come. All three of these acts are tour right now coming to a gutter near you! They’ll be in Huntsville January 5th at Ward House.

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Spice Radio!
Ho, Ho Ho! Spice Radio’s got one more present for you to unwrap, Yes it’s Big Red hosting a Spicecast Special about tomorrow’s Winter Spice Throwdown at Flying Monkey Arts.
Be sure to check it out right now at spice-radio.com and hear a track from each of the local music acts that will be jamming tomorrow!
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Spice Radio!!
For more information on the Winter Spice Throwdown head on over to https://www.facebook.com/events/763471580426114/
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Spicecast Drew Richter

Getting his start making albums with his band A Symptom of Leisure, Drew Richter has always been involved in the music business in some fashion. His Travels have taken him from Miami to Amsterdam but now’s he’s back in the Tennessee Valley with his first ever solo album “Snake Smile”. Today we hear “Man Who Sold His Soul”, “Reasons Are My Own” -Recorded at Spice Rack Studios-, “I’ll Get Away” -Debut recorded at Spice Rack Studios-, and “Drink to No-one”.

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Spicecast: Huntsvillain History with John O’Brien

Since writing an intensive paper on divorce in the 19th century in Alabama, John O’Brien found time and time again, evidence that The Tennessee Valley has always been a crazy place.

O’Brien utilizes the extensive archives of Alabama’s oldest city, Huntsville, to find some of the most bizarre, hilarious, and telling stories in Alabama history.

From brothel busts and UFOs to spited lovers and family feuds O’Brien’s blog “Huntsvillain” covers all the dirty laundry of Alabama History, and there’s a LOT of it.

On today’s Spicecast O’Brien discusses his blog and upcoming podcast and apparently the only Christmas story he could dredge up, the only hint I can give you is it involves 4 men and corn.

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Spicecast: Black Market Haggis

Black Market Haggis comprised of Andy, Garret and Mike are in the Studio with some new spins on some age old dance music. With Garret playing Mandolin and Fiddle, Mike on Guitar, Whistle Banjo and Andy backing it all up on the handheld Bodhran the guys talk about how they came to love traditional Celtic music how the music has changed over the years. We hear “The Shannon Bell”, “Babes in the Woods”, “The Moontown Set” and “Concertina Reel Set” on today’s spicecast.

Be sure to check out Black Market Haggis’ apply named website, betterthanitsounds.com to stay up to day on all their newest music and shows!

You can see them Live the 16th of this Month at Randolph School’s Candlelight Concert, and the 19th at Grounded Coffee on county line road.

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Spicecast: Complex Flavor

On a mission to bring real hip hop music, culture and community to everyone in the Tennessee Valley, Spice Rack Studios was happy to host Complex Flavor for tonight’s Spicecast! A-Twist, Q-Ball and MC Prospect of Complex Flavor drop by to speak on growing the Hip Hop scene in Huntsville and how great hip hop music gets made.

You can hear many of the Complex Flavor crew at the Bi-monthly Society Cypher at Lowe Mill, First and Third Friday’s of the month. No cover, just great music, lyrics, and dance.

Also Check out Complex Flavor’s song “The 256” on their Souncloud.

We hear, “Cold Fusion” and “The 256” on tonights Spicecast

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