Since writing an intensive paper on divorce in the 19th century in Alabama, John O’Brien found time and time again, evidence that The Tennessee Valley has always been a crazy place.

O’Brien utilizes the extensive archives of Alabama’s oldest city, Huntsville, to find some of the most bizarre, hilarious, and telling stories in Alabama history.

From brothel busts and UFOs to spited lovers and family feuds O’Brien’s blog “Huntsvillain” covers all the dirty laundry of Alabama History, and there’s a LOT of it.

On today’s Spicecast O’Brien discusses his blog and upcoming podcast and apparently the only Christmas story he could dredge up, the only hint I can give you is it involves 4 men and corn.

Tune in tonight and tomorrow at 8pm to hear the full story, or you can download the podcast at 8pm on our podcasts page, and of course our itunes.