Scumbags, street kids, and train traveling troubadours assemble! Celebrate the new year with a debaucherous Spicecast triple feature featuring the down and dirty jangling sounds of The Percocets, Saw Mama and local scoundrels The Box Wine Bandits! The Percocets hail from NYC and feature a sound as raw as the streets themselves. Saw Mama AKA Mars comes to us from L.A. She’s a multi lingual, multi instrumental tour de force playing everything from Banjo to spoons and her specialty the musical saw. Our featured guests The Box Wine Bandits hail from right here in the valley. In their own words they play dirty rotten scum gutter trash folk punk. They’ll steal your wine and flirt with your girlfriendsĀ all before the cops come. All three of these acts are tour right now coming to a gutter near you! They’ll be in Huntsville January 5th at Ward House.

Check out the show tonight at 7pm on our Streaming Page , or you can download it from our Podcasts Page at 8pm, and of course sign up for our Itunes.

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