Spicecast #67 – The Wolves of Chernobyl

-Hailing from different parts of North Alabama The Wolves of Chernobyl take a shotgun approach to entertainment. The core band of Banjo -Jonathen Seals , Guitar -Michael Hauser, Bass -Ben Jobe, Drums -Sean Fungafat and vocalists -Tyler Nafe and Victoria Olivares also have their alter egos as Horn, Ambrose, Twill, Happy, Constant and Daisy respectively. The Wolves performed their first “Stage Show” featuring live music and drama at the Flying Monkey Arts Center, and are working on a podcast radio drama as well as playing local venues. The Wolves’ next big step is a Kickstarter Campaign starting this coming month.

Tonight we hear “Clumsy Tongues” and “In the Hall’s of the King Pt. I & II” recorded live right here at Spice Rack Studios as well as “We Lucky Few” off their first EP.

You can hear The Wolves of Chernobyl streaming for free at https://muzooka.com/thewolvesofchernobyl/6293

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Spicecast #66 The Dawn Osborne Band

With some of the top players in Huntsville, soulful vocals, a dash of jazz and a big helping of American charm, The Dawn Osborne band is a long time staple of the Huntsville music scene. On today’s Spicecast, Dawn belts out some heartfelt vocals on some debut tracks with Newt Johnson on keys, Solomon Grable on drums, Jason Humphress on guitar, and Andrew Sharpe on bass. We hear “Rope to Hang” by Osborne and Sharpe and “Karma VS Inspiration” by Osborne recorded live at Spice Rack Studios as well as “Twisted Fool” (Osborne,Sharpe), and “Slow the World Down” off the new CD!

Their brand new CD, Slow the World Down, is out today and you can get it tonight at Straight to Ale’s original campus. Doors at 7pm and music starts at 8pm tonight at Straight to Ale with The Dawn Osborne band and Microwave Dave. Until then check out The Dawn Osborne Band’s itunes or reverbnation. You can also hear them February 5th at Lone Goose, and February 12th at Voodoo Lounge!

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Spicecast #65 Owen Ni of Run On Recordings

Today we have electronic music artist Owen Ni in the studio. With plenty of hats on his hat rack, Owen produces albums and singles for a variety of labels as well as his own label, Run On Recordings. We speak to Owen on how he became a fan of electronic music and eventually an artists, his variety label Run On Recordings, and some upcoming live events! We hear four of Owen’s tracks on today’s Spicecast, “Sonar”, “Wired For Sound”, “Bloom” -With Outward Roots, and “Passing Through”.

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Spicecast #64 Yellowhammer Brewery

Mmmm, Beer! Tom Yack and Don Milligan of Yellowhammer Brewery drop by Spice Rack Studios to talk all about how they got started with the brewery, how art and brewing work together and their brand new Campus 805 off of Governor’s Drive (or I affectionately call it, the “Beer Mall”) Check it out tonight at 7pm on Spice Radio, or Download the Podcast at 8pm tonight on our podcast’s page or our itunes!IMG_5061

The Huntsvillain Podcast #1
The first all new podcast made at Spice Rack Studios, we’re so happy to introduce you to The Huntsvillain Podcast with John O’Brien and Ben Jobe!
John and Ben lead you on a magical journey through time to revisit some of the most interesting, out of control and downright scandalous events in Alabama history. John O’Brien never ceases in his quest to prove Huntsville has always been weird by digging through the oldest archives in the state of Alabama and the end result? The Huntsvillain!
Check out the very first episode of The Huntsvillain series “‘Bama is Born” with a look into the haphazard founding of the state of Alabama. On this month’s episode we learn about the influx of the mysterious and powerful Broad River Faction, the romantic misadventures of Ditto Landing’s namesake and just how many times we can change the name of this town.
Hear it every weeknight at 6pm and at noon on Weekends on spice-radio.com/radio/ or download it from our Podcast’s page or itunes.
Be sure to check out the blog the podcast is based off at https://huntsvillain.wordpress.com/
Spicecast: Katie Lott

Tonight on the Spicecast:

We talk to musician Katie Lott originally from Huntsville and now residing in Birmingham. Starting music early in life, Katie pursued different string instruments as she grew as a musician but ended up primarily performing piano and vocals. Katie’s inspiration can come from anything from a single word to everyday life experiences.

We hear “Playwright”, “They Don’t Tell”, “Criminal”, and “Last Song”.

Hear it live on Spice Radio at 7pm tonight at spice-radio.com/radio/ or download it from our podcast’s page or our itunes at 8pm.

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