Spicecast #67 – The Wolves of Chernobyl

-Hailing from different parts of North Alabama The Wolves of Chernobyl take a shotgun approach to entertainment. The core band of Banjo -Jonathen Seals , Guitar -Michael Hauser, Bass -Ben Jobe, Drums -Sean Fungafat and vocalists -Tyler Nafe and Victoria Olivares also have their alter egos as Horn, Ambrose, Twill, Happy, Constant and Daisy respectively. The Wolves performed their first “Stage Show” featuring live music and drama at the Flying Monkey Arts Center, and are working on a podcast radio drama as well as playing local venues. The Wolves’ next big step is a Kickstarter Campaign starting this coming month.

Tonight we hear “Clumsy Tongues” and “In the Hall’s of the King Pt. I & II” recorded live right here at Spice Rack Studios as well as “We Lucky Few” off their first EP.

You can hear The Wolves of Chernobyl streaming for free at https://muzooka.com/thewolvesofchernobyl/6293

Be sure to tune in tonight at 7pm to hear the Spicecast or download it from our Podcast’s Page at 8pm or from our itunes!

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