Spicecast: Allen Watkin’s Band

The Allen Watkins Band, first formed at a friendly jam session, quickly turned into a power house of original music!

Featuring Allen Watkins, a veteran of touring with such acts as Claire Lynch, Connie Watkins, a singer-songwriter with a CD already available on iTunes and Bob Hall, a classically trained bassist, Allen Watkins Band puts a new spin on bluegrass and rock tradition with great skill and original songwriting!

On today’s Spicecast we hear “Let Go and Fall”, “Bailey”, “Heart Like This” and “Watkin’s Ride” all available currently on their reverbnation page!

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Hear them now at their Reverbnation or pick up Connie’s CD on itunes!




Spicecast: Codie G of Slow Motion Soundz

Bringing Huntsville culture to the world is the name of the game for Codie G of Slow Motion Soundz. Slow Motion Soundz’ work has been featured in magazines and media from Tokyo to Sweden. Codie drops by Spice Rack Studios to talk about the changes in technology, the local Hip-Hop Scene and how to bring Alabama soul international! Check out this great interview tonight at 7pm or download it from our new and improved podcast’s page tonight at 8pm and as always subscribe to our itunes!

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Huntsvillain History Episode #02 – The Maddammes of Madison County

Just in time for your Valentine, a new scandalous episode of Huntsvillain History! John O’Brien is back in Spice Rack studios with a raunchy tale of Alabama debauchery, The Maddammes of Madison County, women who held such a great New Years Party that we’re still talking about it almost two hundred years later. Join us on an adventure through wild side of old Huntsville with this month’s Episode of Huntsvillain History with John O’Brien.

Check it out tomorrow at Noon on Spice Radio or download it from our itunes or our website now!

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Spicecast #69 – Up Next

Meet the band that’s always about to play as soon as these guys are done, that’s right, it’s Up Next. Although occasionally skipped over on open mic listings, Up Next brings a rockin’ sound with some great local talent. Klayton Hodges and Shane Davis share  writing and guitar (with some rad effects!) with the Chris and Kris rhythm section backing them up. Kick back and take a listen to what the good folks at Up Next have for you, up next on Spice Radio! We hear, “Colour Me A Gentleman”, “Turtle Mountain”, “On My Way”, and “Dirty” recorded all here live at Spice Rack Studios!

Check it out tonight at 7pm at spice-radio.com/radio/ or download it at 8pm at our podcast’s page or our itunes!

You can also hear them on their Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/up-nexthuntsville

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Spicecast Special: Huntsville Committee of 100 – Rock The Vote 2016


Committee of 100 2






Are you registered to vote?! If not listen up! We had the pleasure of interviewing three representatives from Huntsville’s Committee of 100 about their Rock The Vote event at campus 805 on Tuesday February 9th. The event starts at 5 and there’ll be free food and drink plus you’ll have the opportunity to meet local and state politicians and their representatives and get a chance to have your voice heard by big decision makers. Check out their event’s page here

Spicecast #68: Clubhouse Comedy with Sharon Singletary & Terra Jeffery

Today we have the multi-talented and always over-employed Sharon Singletary & Terra Jeffery from new comedy troupe Clubhouse Comedy. Clubhouse Comedy’s first ever show will take place at the Connector in Huntsville’s Lowe Mill Arts and Entertainment venue. The show, hosted by Sharon, and Terra will feature Mariah June, Ari Kobler, slam poet Shea Stripling and Evan Rollet. Doors open at 7:30 and tickets are 7$ at the door so head on out next Saturday, February 13th and get your laugh on!

Head on over to our shows page to hear the interview.

Check out their facebook event here for more info: See you there!Logo new

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