Spicecast #69 – Up Next

Meet the band that’s always about to play as soon as these guys are done, that’s right, it’s Up Next. Although occasionally skipped over on open mic listings, Up Next brings a rockin’ sound with some great local talent. Klayton Hodges and Shane Davis share  writing and guitar (with some rad effects!) with the Chris and Kris rhythm section backing them up. Kick back and take a listen to what the good folks at Up Next have for you, up next on Spice Radio! We hear, “Colour Me A Gentleman”, “Turtle Mountain”, “On My Way”, and “Dirty” recorded all here live at Spice Rack Studios!

Check it out tonight at 7pm at spice-radio.com/radio/ or download it at 8pm at our podcast’s page or our itunes!

You can also hear them on their Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/up-nexthuntsville

up next poster Up Next Copper top Up Next Stage


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