Spicecast: Gandhi Castle

Hailing from the even deeper south of New Orleans, Gandhi Castle came by Spice Rack Studio’s on their happy way to rocking out at Copper Top. Gandhi Castle self label as a Psych Grunge but they’re definitely intense, frantic and powerful! Check out the Live Tracks recorded at Spice Rack Studios, “White Noise”, “Space Song”, and “Dose”, we also hear “Happiness” off their EP, Fun Times Rubbernecker. Hear the entire interview and their tracks tonight at 7pm at Spice-radio.com/radio/ or download our podcast from spice-radio.com/shows/ or our itunes at 8pm!

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Spicecast: Future Elevators

What do elevators from the future sound like? Funky! Michael Shackelford and the rest of Birmingham’s Future Elevators were kind enough to drop into the studio before their gig at Copper Top last Saturday to talk about their music and upcoming tour.

Their sound ranges from the poppy to the surreal. His self-titled debut as Future Elevators expertly mixes whimsy and gravity, the fantastical with the everyday. Even as he grounds his lyrics in real-world issues, Shackelford fills his songs with new and improbable combinations of familiar sound.

Find links to their music and tour dates herehere, and here. And listen to their interview when it airs tonight at 7 on our streaming page and later when it hits our archive and iTunes



Spicecast: The Wolves Of Chernobyl Kickstarter Campaign

The Wolves are back in the studio this week to talk about their kickstarter campaign and upcoming album! You can also vote for The Wolves in the Que The Music competition to decide the opening act for the headliners at this year’s Whistle Stop Festival. Listen to the interview tonight at 7pm on our Streaming Page our download it from our podcast page

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Spicecast: Springfest 2016

Justin Tidwell from Rocket City Sounds sat down with us to talk about Spring Fest 2016 this Saturday at Yellowhammer Brewing! In it’s second year, Spring Fest is bringing in the new park at Campus 805 in the best way possible. There’ll be food trucks, vendors, and some amazing music from the likes of Aaron Lee Tasjun and The Whigs. Inside Yellowhammer there’ll also be an acoustic stage featuring a slew of local talent like Josh Allison and Steven Brian. Tickets are available through Friday at Yellowhammer and available day of at the park.

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Weekly Update with Salina

Once again Spice Radio is here for you with all the neat local goodies you can get into this coming week, April 12th through the 17th! Salina of Coppertop and Maggie Meyers has the remarkable ability to predict all the cool events you’ll be hanging out at this coming week, right here in Huntsville Alabama and right here on Spice Radio, Stay Spicy Huntsville!

Download Here Salina Weekly Update 4-8-16

Monday April 12th-

TGIM Comedy, The Joker and Jester Tour 8PM at Maggie Meyers

Thursday April 15th-

Guitar Villain 8PM at Copper Top

Friday April 15th-

The Society Cypher “Dance Edition” 8PM at Lowe Mill Connector FREE SHOW – Donations appreciated

Hometown Throwdown Presents – Festival Expressions 9PM at Flying Monkey Arts in Lowe Mill

Daniel Bayer at Maggie Meyers

10 Foot Drunk, Pirate Nights and Genki Genki Panic at Coppertop

Steven Brian and Wanda June at Hops Wild

Saturday April 16th-

The 8th Annual Record Store Day and Free Show with Way No Beuno and Blinds 11AM at Vertical House Records in Lowe Mill

Springest 2016 featuring The Bama Gamblers, Caleb Caudle, The Burning Peppermints, Aaron Lee Tasjan and The Whigs 12PM-12AM at Yellowhammer Brewery

Collective Fruition and MissaLaneous Productions Present Seeds? and Ryan Viser 8PM at the Lowe Mill Connector

Spicecast Special: NMBR 11 Returns


Bernard Bullhack and Yeshiva Lex of americana fusion group NMBR 11 chatted with us via skype about, among other things, their upcoming acoustic EP,  their upcoming show at The Roxy Theatre in Russellville April 9th, and blessings they’ve enjoyed over the last year including getting to meet and work with members of the legendary Swampers.

Spicecast: Salina Brilla of Copper Top and Maggie Meyers

If you’ve been to shows at The Copper Top or Maggie Meyers recently, chances are that this fabulous lady has had a hand in it. Salina Brilla is originally from Chicago where she got her first taste booking for venues and has brought that passion and skill to the valley where she helps book bands and musicians for The Copper Top and Maggie Meyers and has just started booking some shows at Hops Wild.

Salina took some time to talk about her passion for all things exciting and strange in music and how she tries to give each venue she books for a distinct style and feel. If you’re interested in contacting Salina for booking requests you can contact her through  Copper Top’s Facebook

or her email: sassysaliva@gmail.com

Listen to the interview when it airs tonight at 7, or download it from our podcast or our itunes page.







Huntsvillain History Podcast #3 Laws Made of Whips – Slavery in Madison County

On this month’s Episode of Huntsvillain History John O’Brien and Ben Jobe take on the more tragic side of Huntsville history, the subject of Slavery in North Alabama. With census and court records dating from 1809 through 1837 O’Brien and Jobe talk about how laws, economics and fear effected the lives of blacks in North Alabama, free and enslaved. This episode includes explicit discussion of slavery and violence that may be inappropriate for some listeners.

In the 1820’s 49% of the population of Madison County were counted as enslaved, and only a handful of official records indicate any evidence of these people’s lives. Listen to Part 1 and Part 2 of Laws made of Whips here, or catch the show on Spice-Radio.com/radio/ at Noon Friday-Sunday and 6pm Monday-Thursday.

Follow John O’Brien’s Blog Huntsville at huntsvillain.wordpress.com

Download the MP3 Part 1

Download the MP3 Part 2

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