Huntsvillain History Podcast #3 Laws Made of Whips – Slavery in Madison County

On this month’s Episode of Huntsvillain History John O’Brien and Ben Jobe take on the more tragic side of Huntsville history, the subject of Slavery in North Alabama. With census and court records dating from 1809 through 1837 O’Brien and Jobe talk about how laws, economics and fear effected the lives of blacks in North Alabama, free and enslaved. This episode includes explicit discussion of slavery and violence that may be inappropriate for some listeners.

In the 1820’s 49% of the population of Madison County were counted as enslaved, and only a handful of official records indicate any evidence of these people’s lives. Listen to Part 1 and Part 2 of Laws made of Whips here, or catch the show on at Noon Friday-Sunday and 6pm Monday-Thursday.

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