Spicecast: The Pressure Kids

The Pressure kids from Nashville stopped by the studio in between gigs to record some original tracks and talk about their current tour. The band met at Belmont University in Nashville but hail from all over the country giving a unique flavor to their sound with roots in the memphis rock tradition. Listen to the interview on our Podbean.  Keep up with the band on their Facebook and right here on Spice Radio!


The Pressure Kids IMG_5735

Spicecast: Old Nick and the Gypsies

Tonight on the Spicecast: Old Nick and The Gypsies Return!

Recently crowned the winner of the End Zone Battle of the Bands once again, Old Nick and the Gypsies are back with a passel of new members! Justin Madden brings tastefully warped solos with his electric guitar, Jovani Occomy pulls no punches with another layer of awesome female vocals and finally Nate Michal to top it all off with some wicked drums! And of course Old Nick retains the original greats, Cam, Josh and Sarah.

So check out their newest interview and some awesome recordings, recorded right here in Huntsville Alabama at Spice Rack Studios!
Playing live at spice-radio.com/radio/ at 8pm and up for download at 8pm on our itunes and podbean!

Old nick gorup

Old Nick Group

Album Cover

Huntsvillain History Episode #04 – For the love of hog!

You think the bacon craze is a new affliction in Madison County? Think again! In the 1800’s Madison county had more than 2 pigs for every person, and within less than 20 years we ended up having to import even more pork! John O’Brien’s gone hog wild rooting out the very best stories related to our little piggy obsession on this month’s episode of Huntsvillain History. That’s right prepare for pig-puns galore but don’t get to squeelin’, it’s Huntsvillain History!

Huntsvillain History plays at 6pm every weeknight (Monday-Thursday) at spice-radio.com/radio/ and noon Friday through Sunday. You can also download the podcast tonight at 8pm!

Spicecast: Afu Okosun

Tonight on the Spicecast: Afu Okosun

Originally from Atlanta, you may know Afu from hosting Soul Sessions in downtown Huntsville, a live talk show focused on bringing young adults together to talk about current events that matter to them, most recently featuring Mayor Tommy Battle.

Tonight we speak to Afu about being a young professional in Huntsville and how our city is changing and how it needs to change.

Check out the full interview tonight at 7pm at spice-radio.com/radio/ or as always download our podcast through podbean and itunes!

You can spot Afu’s events through his facebook at https://www.facebook.com/afu.okosun




Spicecast: Sam Sims

Sam Sims music takes him from his birthplace in Huntsville all the way to chilly New Jersey and sometime back again even further south to Florida. It’s easy to see why Sam Sim’s music gains ground in all climates, with positive moods, mellow tones and a great performance at Spice Rack Studios.

We were lucky enough to have some time to talk to Sam about his time making music across the US and to record some great new tracks right here in at Spice Radio! We hear “Going to Alabama” and “Positive Vicration”, “Don’t Give Up” and “The Motion” recorded in the studio!

Tune into Spice Radio tonight at 7pm or subscribe to our itunes and now you can also find us on Podbean.

Sam sims Rack

Sam sims Rack 2

Sam sims ISO 2

Sam sims ISO

Weekly Update May 3rd through 8th with Salina Brilla

Salina is back with all the coolest local shows going down this week (May 3rd – 8th), check it out right now here! Music provided today by Winslow Davis.