Spicecast #92 – Helen of Coi

Lindsey Shante of Helen of Coi has been all over the south east with her music. Nearing a break after 16 days on the road, Lindsey dropped by with some of her tracks to talk shop at Spice Rack Studios in Huntsville. Lindsey, or Helen as many call her, takes her music one step further by using music in her guided meditation sessions. Helen will actually be releasing a 30 minute guided meditation track here soon so stay posted! 

Helen of Coi involves intense use of synthesizers, chaos pads, vocoders and a plethora of experimental instruments. Technology combined with Lindsey’s classical training gives her a powerful and effective sound in any setting. Check out Helen of Coi on tonight’s Spicecast!
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Helen Standing Helen Laptop Helen Laptop Close Helen Cover Ben and Helen