Spicecast #98 – Knotty Goth Night with Rocket City Rope Arts

Shibari is the ancient Japanese art of rope bondage. Now practiced world-wide Shibari involves not only an intimate interaction between two people, but an intense form of physical art.

At Fly By Night Productions “Knotty Goth Nights” volunteers from the audience participate in this experience. Shibari is not just for fun though, we talk to J.J. and Nehena about the history behind the art form as well as some safety tips for beginners!

You can catch Knotty Goth Night tomorrow live at Hop’s Wild 9pm for 3$!

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Weekly Update 9-16-2016


It’s that time again! Yes time to go to some awesome local shows, and there’s a ton of them going on! Be sure to check out the latest on this week’s Weekly Update!



Huntsvillain History Podcast – Marion Sims – The Father of Modern Gynecology

A statue of Dr. Marion Sims sits smack dab in Central Park New York, but some of his most pioneering surgeries were first performed on enslaved women in Montgomery Alabama. A controversial figure in modern medicine, some of his patients underwent more than 20 surgeries under his care without anesthesia. On the other hand, Marion Sims relieved many women of previously inoperable fistulas, went on to found America’s first women’s hospital and invented surgical techniques still in use today.

Today on Huntsvillain History the story of J. Marion Sims and his patients, Anarcha, Betsy, Lucy and many more unnamed.

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