Today on the Spicecast: Josh Conine

Find Josh Conine Music on Facebook and you’ll see him playing live plenty, check out his Soundcloud and you can hear him create a song for the first time! Josh Conine has a laid back solo style using looping and effects. Josh came by Spice Rack Studios to record four of his tracks live and talk about his experiences bringing his music around town. Check out Josh Conine on tonight’s Spicecast with his tracks “Beautiful Chill”, “Creepy”, “Full”, and “Drops”

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Spicecast #101 – Ash of Eden [Explicit Language]

Ash of Eden, first formed 2009 by Vocalist Alex Rivers and guitarist Jsmoke, changed and grew over the years into the heavy metal sound they have now. Ash of Eden was kind enough to drop by Spice Rack Studios and lay down 3 live tracks and hit our listeners with a never before heard new track “Magic No More”. Grab a chair check out the interview right now on Spice Radio! We hear the tracks “Heroes On High”, “Rejects of the World”, “Lonely Weapons” recorded live at the Spice Rack as well “Magic No More”. The guys are currently recording a brand new music video at Arx Mortis (!

Catch them on Facebook at
Check out their demo on soundcloud