Spicecast: Soul Karnival
What’s Spice Radio thankful for this Thanksgiving? Young People that can combine all sorts of genres and make AMAZING MUSIC!
While you’ll have to rely on your grandma for the Soul Food, tonight Spice Radio is serving up a hot plate of Soul Karnival straight from Fort Payne Alabama.
For Dobby, Brax, Cash and Ryan inspiration comes from Reggae, Hip-hop, Funk and Jazz. With mastery beyond their years Soul Karnival brings out the best of the mix. Check out tonight’s Spice cast and hear their tracks “Lemon street”, “Untitled/Sick Bass Line”, “Interlude” and “Dope Boys\Rasta”.
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Spicecast #107: Owls and Other Animals

Today’s Spicecast: Owls And Other Animals

Originally from Chicago, Owls And Other Animals always ask people to tell them what genre they play, the best they’ve come up with is “Moody Folk-Pop”. With many songs inspired by their work in a Chicago animal shelter, the line up includes Colin and Dana Carroll and recent addition Michael Lamb.

Be sure to check out the tracks recorded right here at Spice Rack Studios! We Hear “Viola”, “Compassion Fatigue”, “Causin’ a Commotion” and “Spider Bites”.

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You can also see their BRAND NEW WEBSITE! http://oaoamusic.wixsite.com/oaoa


Spicecast #106: Laura Wadsworth Carter author of The Elect

On tonight’s Spicecast: Laura Wadsworth Carter author of The Elect

Laura Wadsworth Carter, in between being a full time high school teacher and parent, finished her first 200+ page book! Her first novel, The Elect, focuses on a former child soldier embroiled in a struggle with an oppressive totalitarian government. She is currently working on the sequel to the elect as well as another book set in modern day Alabama.

In tonight’s episode Laura speaks to us a lot about the surprising challenges of bringing a book from an idea to modern publishing, as well as some tips for getting started in writing.

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Spicecast #103 – Corey Travis

On Today’s Spicecast — Corey Travis of The Retrovales!

Corey Travis spends most of his time these days playing gigs as the other half of The Retrovales. In fact tonight at the VBC you can catch The Retrovales including Corey and the Spice Radio featured SarahJayne Balash! Or you can check them out at lone goose saloon tomorrow!

But for right now, check out the interview with Corey including live tracks recorded at Spice Rack Studios, we hear “Dance ’til We Die”, “Evergreen”,“Lead You Home”, and “Six-Hundred Miles”.

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