Spicecast #111 – Joy’s House of Athens

After serving the community of Athens for over four years Joy’s House is currently running a go-fund me to keep the doors open. Sarah and Dennis talk to us about how they started keeping just one woman off the streets to now serving up to 6 occupants at a time, sometimes up to 6 months each, and running a thrift store!

Joy’s House serves women and families struggling with domestic violence, addiction and financial hardship. It’s safe to say Sarah and Dennis probably have one of the largest extended families in Athens!

Be sure to check out their fund raiser https://www.gofundme.com/joys-house-womens-shelter-closing

Also check out their Thrift Store at 1428 Freeman Ave in Athens

And you can visit their website at http://joys-house.com/


Spicecast #110 – Author Gina McGill

Gina McGill writer of Accessories After the Fact: The Trayvon Martin Murder

After hearing the 911 tapes released from the shooting of Trayvon Martin Gina was immediately effected and determined to find out more. We talk about her book discussing the facts behind the shooting, continuing issues in the black community, and ways to improve the criminal justice system. You can find a link to her book (in E-Book or paperback!) on her website http://ginamcgill.com/

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Spicecast #109: Owen Ni

Spicecast #109 – Owen Ni

He’s back again from touring the north east, with a live recorded CD in hand! Owen Ni, who operates variety focused label Run On Recordings, stopped by to tell us what he’s been up to around the states as well as his future plans for Run On Recordings. We hear excerpts from his live CD available now at Vertical House Records, and up for download this Monday!

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