Spicecast #113 – Free Candy!

You may have seen Free Candy at the last Knotty Goth Night, or maybe Maggie Meyer’s? Wherever Free Candy is the jams are sure to flow. The Free Candy crew left their suspicious bus just long enough to record a few tracks and have a chat. We hear “Rae”, “The Mind Has Faded (But the Body Remains)”, “Mr. Rogers is the Real G”, and “Luke is the Section-Leader”.

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LIVE now.. At Lowe Mill Featuring: Permagroove and Opposite Box

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Spicecast #112 Rocket City Shakedown

Rocket City Shakedown is the latest Indy short film from Wonder Mill Films. The film was produced by a volunteer staff of over 50 people and scored by all local musicians! We sat down with star and narrator Lincoln Greer as well as director Ben Stark to talk about the process of filming from the ground up.

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Straight To Ale Brewing’s Campus No. 805 will be hosting the free premiere show of Rocket City Shakedown, Saturday, February 18th. Spice Radio has teamed up with Wonder Mill to bring a huge line-up of local bands, featured in the premiere, to play live including Gabe Larose, Complex Flavor, ThunderKrotch, The Wolves of Chernobyl, and Them Damn Dogs!

And please check out Wonder Mill Films facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wondermillfilms/ for the latest on Rocket City Shakedown!