Spicecast #124 – Brad Posey of The Invisible City

If you’ve had your radio set to 89.3, no doubt you’ve heard Brad’s voice or maybe just his kittens! Brad Posey hosts The Invisible City radio show every Friday night at 7pm and Saturdays at 10pm on WLRH public radio. The Invisible City includes a huge variety of music and interviews with local artists. We talk to Brad about his start hosting show’s on Ardmore country radio, playing music with three bands, and the new Local Aliens compilation CD. We also hear a track from Brad’s band – Boneyard Mafia, “Bigfoot Army”.

Check out the interview with Brad Posey right now at spiceradio.podbean.com or the podcast App of your choice! Get the new Local Alien’s Complilation CD at WLRH during their Spring Fundraiser starting April 3rd!

Finally check out Brad’s music live at Coppertop tomorrow or the 29th, he’s also doing a talk about Radio production at UAH April 13th!

Now Playing: The Earth Hotel

The Earth Hotel podcast features eclectic content including live recordings, prerecorded music, art analysis, and more! Spice Radio is happy to host mini-sodes of The Earth Hotel podcast during Spice Radio’s “Spice at Night” section. Be sure to tune in to Spice-radio.com/radio/ every night at 11:30 to hear host Jacquie Cotillard and her guests for the evening!

Check out full episodes of The Earth Hotel at theearthhotel.org

Spicecast #123 – RATOBaby

Florence Alabama band RATOBaby have interesting instrumentation covered. Including Zach Dawson on vocals and electric bass, Howard Walker on drums and Daniel Neville on Tenor Sax RATOBaby has a growing and rhythmic sound. The guys are on their way to releasing their brand new Album “Television” April 1st with a release show in Florence April 3rd. Dan sat down with all three RATOBabys and discussed their upcoming release and their music. We hear “Baroque Rococo”, “Spanish Boy”, “Artificial Sensations”, and “Fence Post”.

Be sure to check them out on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RATOBaby/
Online at http://www.knology.net/~thecavenders/SFRecords/ratobaby.html
And their label http://www.knology.net/~thecavenders/SFRecords/index.html

Spicecast #119 – Mrs. Moon

Deondre, Seth and Tyler are the three wizards behind the Punk/Rock group Mrs.Moon. Trading the guitar, bass, cajone drum and song writing for almost every track they’ll give you a great mix of acoustic music!

Spice Rack Studio was happy to host and record 4 tracks with Mrs. Moon. We hear “Bus to Birmingham”, “Homeless Anthem”, “Candle Lit Room”, and “The Smoking Song”. We also sat down with the guys to discuss their music as well as Seth’s Standard Recording promotion company.

Be sure to check out the tracks and interview right now on our podcast,The Spicecast. Grab it from our podbean, itunes or the Podcast app of your choice!

Spicecast #118 – Cahaba – The Triumphant Return

If you’re in the Montevallo area, or even if you’re not, you don’t want to miss Cahaba playing with Giant Sunbeam and the Noise today at Eclipse! Fresh off the step with previews of their new upcoming CD, Cahaba is back at the Spice Rack to tell us all about their new creation and exactly which memes to invest in this year. Download the podcast now and hear some sweet new jams from Birmingham!

We hear “Come Back to Me”, “Bowtie” and “Coat Stretched”.