Spicecast #124 – Brad Posey of The Invisible City

If you’ve had your radio set to 89.3, no doubt you’ve heard Brad’s voice or maybe just his kittens! Brad Posey hosts The Invisible City radio show every Friday night at 7pm and Saturdays at 10pm on WLRH public radio. The Invisible City includes a huge variety of music and interviews with local artists. We talk to Brad about his start hosting show’s on Ardmore country radio, playing music with three bands, and the new Local Aliens compilation CD. We also hear a track from Brad’s band – Boneyard Mafia, “Bigfoot Army”.

Check out the interview with Brad Posey right now at spiceradio.podbean.com or the podcast App of your choice! Get the new Local Alien’s Complilation CD at WLRH during their Spring Fundraiser starting April 3rd!

Finally check out Brad’s music live at Coppertop tomorrow or the 29th, he’s also doing a talk about Radio production at UAH April 13th!