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Streaming original local music and podcasts 24/7 is our job and we’ve got a great new passel of podcasts joining the team! GAD!Cast Radio – Punk Rock podcast from Gadsden AL – Every weekend at 11:00PM – In Tune with T-Mill – The Latest Huntsville Culture and Music – Weekends 6PM and Weekdays at 7PM […]

Spice Radio News News News!

Thank you to all our friends who helped Spicefest 2018 through another great year of music! Our first video from this year’s Spicefest 2018 – Huntsville’s Local Music Fest!​ is up now, check out QBall Quick​ with A-Twist Beats​’ set closing out the show Saturday night! And if you didn’t hear our segment on the […]

Spicefest 2018 Official Line-up

Happy Easter from your friends at Spice Radio Huntsville! Spicefest 2018 – Huntsville’s Local Music Fest! Is coming up quick and today we’re super excited to announce this year’s official line up! Get tickets now at tinyurl.com/spicefest2018 Wanda Wesolowski, Victoria Jones, Remy Neal, Joe Cagle Music, The Quantaphonics, The Josh Couts Quartet, Them Damn Dogs, Hypnotizer, QBall Music, and A-Twist Beats! This year Spicefest is bigger […]

Spicecast #161 – Q Ball Quick and A-Twist Beats

Q Ball is in the studio with his new upcoming album – Errant MC. We talk with Q and A-twist about making the tracks, Hip-Hop live (Which is every third Thursday at Sidetracks!), and about Q’s recent music videos and next moves! Don’t miss some great Hip Hop right out of Huntsvegas on today’s spicecast! We […]

Spicecast #155 – Kevin Johnson Jr.

Starting as the class clown Kevin threw his first comedy show together in just two weeks! Since then he’s been expanding his skills to include music and vision consulting – helping people find their own superpowers. On today’s Spicecast Dan Bullard sits down with Kevin to talk about the hard work and planning it takes to be […]

Spice Radio Mini-Cast El Fuser

On this week’s Mini-cast the founder of Re-Evolution Radio and Hip Hop producer El Fuser. Fuser heads into Spice Rack Studios to talk to us about his experiences with the music industry, early inspirations for his music ranging from theater to Jimmy Hendrix and the future of Hip Hop music. Grab the entire interview right now and hear two tracks […]

Spicecast #153 – Izzy Miller and the Black Market Salesmen

On Today’s Spicecast: Izzy Miller and The Black Market Salesmen Izzy and The Black Market Salesmen are in the studio to talk about their newest release “American Times” and how the chaos and debauchery of American life translates perfectly into country rock music! The whole album was tracked and produced right here at our affiliate studio Spice Rack […]

Spicecast Mini-cast Hop N’ Shop

Teneshia and Nicole “overlords” and coordinators of this year’s Hop N Shop are in the studio to talk about their inspiration to start the event and all the goodies that await shoppers this Friday and Saturday! The Hop N Shop is a FREE event featuring a big variety of artists, merchants as well as a […]

Spicecast #151 – Tyler Ambrosius

Good afternoon spicers! Today we have a special treat all the way up from Bham Tyler Ambrosius! Tyler’s sets include live electric guitar, electronica and analogue inputs. Tyler was cool enough to bring by his gear and play us a mini set right here at Spice Rack Studios! Before the set we talk about his evolution […]

Spicecast #150 – CommUnity Fest 2017

Kevin Dunn started with the idea to have a few bands on the sidewalk, to help raise funds for a friend in need of help with medical bills. Since then CommUnity Fest 2017 has been growing in scale to become a big show pulling talent from all over Arab Alabama and the surrounding area! We […]

Spookcast #149 – Alicia Cole of Darkly Told

Happy Halloween to you all you spicers! Today we have horror poet and author of “Darkly Told”, an audio chapbook, Alicia Cole! Alicia sits down with us to talk about how she got her start writing horror poetry and her process behind creating the chapbook which is available now on soundcloud. She also talks about […]

On Tonight’s Spicecast: Trash Cats

Trash Cats are fresh off their first tour supporting their new album, “Ward Core”, which was recorded in full right here at Spice Rack Studios! Afterwards the guys sat down to discuss our new sponsorship from Natural Ice, Ward House misadventures, and Chris’ unending love for the Spice Radio Bear!   Check out the whole […]

Spicecast #142 – Gary Sanders

Gary has traveled far and wide in the states and will tell you the best way to get the best music and experiences is on the ground level. His newest album “Secondary Characters” is inspired by the many people and places he’s met along the way. Check out today’s interview where Ben sits down with […]

Spicecast #141 – Victoria Jones

Self described as Neo-Soul and R&B Victoria Jones is focused on making positive, challenging music. She combines powerful vocals, substance of message and a laid back style to great effect! Check out today’s episode where we talk to Victoria about what inspires her music, her growth as an artist and her future plans. We also […]

Spicecast #137 – Alex Hendrix

Local singer songwriter Alex Hendrix is in the studio tonight to discuss her upcoming album and play some live tracks! Dan and Alex talk about her gig experiences, stories behind her songs and even some Huntsville History.   After you grab the podcast be sure to head over to her many upcoming gigs including the […]

Spicecast #136 – Pink Pyramids

Described as Sub-tropic Goth and deeply influenced by 80s pop, Caleb Gallman and Bobby Gill form the Pink Pyramids. The band, managed by Spicecast alumni Lindsey Shante, made their way up from Birmingham to perform some live tracks right here at the Spice Rack! Grab the podcast now to hear Lindsey, Bobby and Caleb holler […]

Spicecast #133 – All About The Tones

All About the Tones is back with their brand new full length album! It’s safe to say they’ve covered plenty of tones with this masterful and varied CD. The new album, “Passing Through” includes tons of collaborations from guitarists, saxaphone and even clarinet and vocals. Be sure to pick up All About the Tones new […]

Spicecast #132 – Southern Asylum

Take a break , soothe your soul with the laid back music of Southern Asylum. Basing their first EP, Refuge, off of time spent at Wheeler Wildlife Refuge, the word Asylum is actually a synonym for Refuge. We talk to the guys about how they got their start as well as hear brand new unreleased […]

Spicecast #131 – The Moose

On Tonight’s Spicecast: The Moose Hailing from the woods of Courtland Alabama The Moose have played with the The Go-Go Killers, The Queers and more right here in Huntsville! With influences ranging from Mastadon to Parliament Funkadelic The Moose already has a full lenth album out online under the title of Manifesto. We sat down […]

Spicecast #130 The Dozens and Spicefest 2017!

On Today’s Spicecast: The Dozens​ and Spicefest 2017! Yes The Dozens are back and with them they’ve got brand new, debut tracks off their new EP coming out July 14th! Check out the podcast right now at https://spiceradio.podbean.com/e/spicecast-130-the-dozens-and-spicefest-2017/ We sat down with Shelley and Brent to talk about the making of the new album and […]

Spicecast #125 – Kent Maddux

Kent Maddux is back in the studio with a lot to talk about and some great new tunes! Kent has been busy getting ready to open his music school, Jam Academy in Muscle Shoals, as well as recording new tracks with a band. He was kind enough to play us some of the brand new […]

Spicecast #124 – Brad Posey of The Invisible City

If you’ve had your radio set to 89.3, no doubt you’ve heard Brad’s voice or maybe just his kittens! Brad Posey hosts The Invisible City radio show every Friday night at 7pm and Saturdays at 10pm on WLRH public radio. The Invisible City includes a huge variety of music and interviews with local artists. We […]

Now Playing: The Earth Hotel

The Earth Hotel podcast features eclectic content including live recordings, prerecorded music, art analysis, and more! Spice Radio is happy to host mini-sodes of The Earth Hotel podcast during Spice Radio’s “Spice at Night” section. Be sure to tune in to Spice-radio.com/radio/ every night at 11:30 to hear host Jacquie Cotillard and her guests for […]

Spicecast #123 – RATOBaby

Florence Alabama band RATOBaby have interesting instrumentation covered. Including Zach Dawson on vocals and electric bass, Howard Walker on drums and Daniel Neville on Tenor Sax RATOBaby has a growing and rhythmic sound. The guys are on their way to releasing their brand new Album “Television” April 1st with a release show in Florence April […]

Spicecast #119 – Mrs. Moon

Deondre, Seth and Tyler are the three wizards behind the Punk/Rock group Mrs.Moon. Trading the guitar, bass, cajone drum and song writing for almost every track they’ll give you a great mix of acoustic music! Spice Rack Studio was happy to host and record 4 tracks with Mrs. Moon. We hear “Bus to Birmingham”, “Homeless […]

Spicecast #118 – Cahaba – The Triumphant Return

If you’re in the Montevallo area, or even if you’re not, you don’t want to miss Cahaba playing with Giant Sunbeam and the Noise today at Eclipse! Fresh off the step with previews of their new upcoming CD, Cahaba is back at the Spice Rack to tell us all about their new creation and exactly […]

Spicecast #117: Will River

The Will River Trio, and sometimes quadruplet, brings influences from Arizona, England, North Carolina, and Seattle. It all comes together in a smooth and intimate musical experience. Check out the interview and tracks right now on our itunes or our podbean. Will -Guitar and Vocals, CJ -Drums and Harmony, Chris -Bass, and Larry -Keys were […]

Happy Valentines Day from your friends at Spice Radio!

Happy Valentines Day from your friends at Spice Radio! On today’s Spicecast we have two sweet treats for you, SarahJayne and Corey Travis of the Retrovales! The dynamic duo has been hitting tons of local venues playing music full time and are about to release their first full length album this Saturday at Alchemy Lounge. […]

Spicecast #113 – Free Candy!

You may have seen Free Candy at the last Knotty Goth Night, or maybe Maggie Meyer’s? Wherever Free Candy is the jams are sure to flow. The Free Candy crew left their suspicious bus just long enough to record a few tracks and have a chat. We hear “Rae”, “The Mind Has Faded (But the […]

Spicecast #112 Rocket City Shakedown

Rocket City Shakedown is the latest Indy short film from Wonder Mill Films. The film was produced by a volunteer staff of over 50 people and scored by all local musicians! We sat down with star and narrator Lincoln Greer as well as director Ben Stark to talk about the process of filming from the […]

Spicecast #111 – Joy’s House of Athens

After serving the community of Athens for over four years Joy’s House is currently running a go-fund me to keep the doors open. Sarah and Dennis talk to us about how they started keeping just one woman off the streets to now serving up to 6 occupants at a time, sometimes up to 6 months […]

Spicecast #110 – Author Gina McGill

Gina McGill writer of Accessories After the Fact: The Trayvon Martin Murder After hearing the 911 tapes released from the shooting of Trayvon Martin Gina was immediately effected and determined to find out more. We talk about her book discussing the facts behind the shooting, continuing issues in the black community, and ways to improve […]

Spicecast #109: Owen Ni

Spicecast #109 – Owen Ni He’s back again from touring the north east, with a live recorded CD in hand! Owen Ni, who operates variety focused label Run On Recordings, stopped by to tell us what he’s been up to around the states as well as his future plans for Run On Recordings. We hear […]

Spicecast: Soul Karnival

What’s Spice Radio thankful for this Thanksgiving? Young People that can combine all sorts of genres and make AMAZING MUSIC!   While you’ll have to rely on your grandma for the Soul Food, tonight Spice Radio is serving up a hot plate of Soul Karnival straight from Fort Payne Alabama.   For Dobby, Brax, Cash […]

Spicecast #107: Owls and Other Animals

Today’s Spicecast: Owls And Other Animals Originally from Chicago, Owls And Other Animals always ask people to tell them what genre they play, the best they’ve come up with is “Moody Folk-Pop”. With many songs inspired by their work in a Chicago animal shelter, the line up includes Colin and Dana Carroll and recent addition […]

Spicecast #106: Laura Wadsworth Carter author of The Elect

On tonight’s Spicecast: Laura Wadsworth Carter author of The Elect Laura Wadsworth Carter, in between being a full time high school teacher and parent, finished her first 200+ page book! Her first novel, The Elect, focuses on a former child soldier embroiled in a struggle with an oppressive totalitarian government. She is currently working on […]

Spicecast #103 – Corey Travis

On Today’s Spicecast — Corey Travis of The Retrovales! Corey Travis spends most of his time these days playing gigs as the other half of The Retrovales. In fact tonight at the VBC you can catch The Retrovales including Corey and the Spice Radio featured SarahJayne Balash! Or you can check them out at lone […]

Today on the Spicecast: Josh Conine

spiceradio.podbean.com Find Josh Conine Music on Facebook and you’ll see him playing live plenty, check out his Soundcloud and you can hear him create a song for the first time! Josh Conine has a laid back solo style using looping and effects. Josh came by Spice Rack Studios to record four of his tracks live […]

Don’t Miss the Latest Spicecast with Ash of Eden!

Spicecast #101 – Ash of Eden [Explicit Language] Ash of Eden, first formed 2009 by Vocalist Alex Rivers and guitarist Jsmoke, changed and grew over the years into the heavy metal sound they have now. Ash of Eden was kind enough to drop by Spice Rack Studios and lay down 3 live tracks and hit our […]

Spicecast #98 – Knotty Goth Night with Rocket City Rope Arts

Shibari is the ancient Japanese art of rope bondage. Now practiced world-wide Shibari involves not only an intimate interaction between two people, but an intense form of physical art. At Fly By Night Productions “Knotty Goth Nights” volunteers from the audience participate in this experience. Shibari is not just for fun though, we talk to […]

Weekly Update 9-16-2016

  It’s that time again! Yes time to go to some awesome local shows, and there’s a ton of them going on! Be sure to check out the latest on this week’s Weekly Update!   http://spiceradio.podbean.com/e/weekly-update-september-16th-19th-2016/

Huntsvillain History Podcast – Marion Sims – The Father of Modern Gynecology

A statue of Dr. Marion Sims sits smack dab in Central Park New York, but some of his most pioneering surgeries were first performed on enslaved women in Montgomery Alabama. A controversial figure in modern medicine, some of his patients underwent more than 20 surgeries under his care without anesthesia. On the other hand, Marion […]

On Today’s Spicecast: JB and Mark of Seminole Strut! JB and Mark of Seminole Strut are back in the studio once again! The guys sat down to discuss some of the early days of the band, their first recordings, and upcoming music. And of course, they’ve got lots of juicy info on their shows! Check […]

Spicecast: Helen of Coi

Spicecast #92 – Helen of Coi Lindsey Shante of Helen of Coi has been all over the south east with her music. Nearing a break after 16 days on the road, Lindsey dropped by with some of her tracks to talk shop at Spice Rack Studios in Huntsville. Lindsey, or Helen as many call her, […]

Spicecast: Clete Wetli

Clete Wetli is a man of many hats! Known to some as Alabama’s most hated liberal voice, Clete is a longtime writer for AL.com and an outspoken activist. Currently serving as Executive Director at First Stop, Clete worked as the chair of the Madison County Democrats, and also started and hosts the All That’s Left […]

Spicecast #90 – Nick Grubbs of ZepliN

On tonight’s episode of the Spicecast Dan interview Nick Grubbs creator of ZepliN – Electronic dance music from Huntsville Alabama. Exposed to a variety of music early in life, Nick cut his teeth on local shows and even started his own DIY venue in South Huntsville, the Earl Mom. Check out ZepliN’s facebook at https://www.facebook.com/ZepliNOfficial/ or […]

Spicecast #89 – Amber Troupe & Kimberly Casey

On tonight’s Spicecast! Amber Troupe from Hometown Throwdown Productions and Kimberly Casey from Out Loud HSV stopped by The Spicerack to tell us about an awesome show coming up on July 15th  featuring Nashville band Mr. B And The Tribal Hoose and poetry from Out Loud HSV! You can find out more info about the […]

Spicecast: Emma Klein

Emma Klein is a young up and coming singer songwriter based out of Huntsville with a sweet pop influences folk sound. She stopped by Spice Rack Studios last week to record 3 of her original tunes Waffle House, Six Feet In The Dirt, and Blame It On The Whiskey. The interview will air tonight June […]

Spicecast: Cheryl Llewellyn

Cheryl Llewellyn is a native of Athens who and has been a staple of the local singer songwriter scene for the past 4 years. She stopped by the studio to record acoustic versions of 3 of her originals, Everything’s Right (But Me And You), Down The Road, and All We Need. You can find Cheryl […]

Spicecast: Them Damn Dogs The Third!

Them Damn Dogs are back with a vengeance on this week’s Spicecast! Jerome, Chris and Brandon stopped by the studio to record 4 brand spankin new tracks and talk about their upcoming gig with Old Nick and The Gypsies tomorrow night at 9 at MVP Spirits and Grill! Check out the interview tonight at 7pm […]

Spicecast: Where the Sun Don’t Shine

Tonight on the Spicecast! Where the Sun Don’t Shine Departing on their first ever tour, Curtis and Glistening Water of Where the Sun Don’t Shine bring together a blues and rock feel with all the percussion you can fit in one trunk. We talk to the guys about their next adventure on the road and […]

Weekly Update June 13-19th

Salina Brilla is back once again with all your cool shows going on this upcoming week, check it out yall!

Spicecast: Albino Sock Monkey

Tonight on the Spicecast! Albino Sock Monkey is the brainchild of Run-on Recording’s and previouse Spicecast feature-ee Owen Ni, along with Des and Justin Albino Sock Monkey recorded their first demo right here at Spice Rack Studios, with the brand new EP featuring two of the songs heard today releasing 6/6/16, this monday! Be sure […]

Spicecast: The Pressure Kids

The Pressure kids from Nashville stopped by the studio in between gigs to record some original tracks and talk about their current tour. The band met at Belmont University in Nashville but hail from all over the country giving a unique flavor to their sound with roots in the memphis rock tradition. Listen to the […]

Red Magic Imports – June 2016

Salina and Dan are back for another episode of Red Magic Imports talking about some of the great touring acts coming through the valley in June. This month we have music from N.P. Presley & The Ghost of Jesse Garon , Swamp Rats , Richie Ramone , Continental , Dead Dick Hammer , and Wonky Tonk

Spicecast: Old Nick and the Gypsies

Tonight on the Spicecast: Old Nick and The Gypsies Return! Recently crowned the winner of the End Zone Battle of the Bands once again, Old Nick and the Gypsies are back with a passel of new members! Justin Madden brings tastefully warped solos with his electric guitar, Jovani Occomy pulls no punches with another layer […]

Huntsvillain History Episode #04 – For the love of hog!

You think the bacon craze is a new affliction in Madison County? Think again! In the 1800’s Madison county had more than 2 pigs for every person, and within less than 20 years we ended up having to import even more pork! John O’Brien’s gone hog wild rooting out the very best stories related to […]

Red Magic Imports with Salina Brilla EP1

Salina Brilla of Hops Wild, Copper Top, and Maggie Meyers stopped by the studio to talk about some great shows coming through the valley over the next week. For more info checkout her facebook group You Are All Tagged Check it out tonight at 7pm at spice-radio.com/radio/ or as always download our podcast through podbean and […]

Spicecast: Afu Okosun

Tonight on the Spicecast: Afu Okosun Originally from Atlanta, you may know Afu from hosting Soul Sessions in downtown Huntsville, a live talk show focused on bringing young adults together to talk about current events that matter to them, most recently featuring Mayor Tommy Battle. Tonight we speak to Afu about being a young professional […]

Spicecast: Sam Sims

Sam Sims music takes him from his birthplace in Huntsville all the way to chilly New Jersey and sometime back again even further south to Florida. It’s easy to see why Sam Sim’s music gains ground in all climates, with positive moods, mellow tones and a great performance at Spice Rack Studios. We were lucky […]

Spicecast: Gandhi Castle

Hailing from the even deeper south of New Orleans, Gandhi Castle came by Spice Rack Studio’s on their happy way to rocking out at Copper Top. Gandhi Castle self label as a Psych Grunge but they’re definitely intense, frantic and powerful! Check out the Live Tracks recorded at Spice Rack Studios, “White Noise”, “Space Song”, and “Dose”, we also […]

Spicecast: Future Elevators

What do elevators from the future sound like? Funky! Michael Shackelford and the rest of Birmingham’s Future Elevators were kind enough to drop into the studio before their gig at Copper Top last Saturday to talk about their music and upcoming tour. Their sound ranges from the poppy to the surreal. His self-titled debut as Future Elevators […]

Spicecast: The Wolves Of Chernobyl Kickstarter Campaign

The Wolves are back in the studio this week to talk about their kickstarter campaign and upcoming album! You can also vote for The Wolves in the Que The Music competition to decide the opening act for the headliners at this year’s Whistle Stop Festival. Listen to the interview tonight at 7pm on our Streaming Page our […]

Spicecast: Springfest 2016

Justin Tidwell from Rocket City Sounds sat down with us to talk about Spring Fest 2016 this Saturday at Yellowhammer Brewing! In it’s second year, Spring Fest is bringing in the new park at Campus 805 in the best way possible. There’ll be food trucks, vendors, and some amazing music from the likes of Aaron Lee Tasjun and The Whigs. Inside […]

Weekly Update with Salina

Once again Spice Radio is here for you with all the neat local goodies you can get into this coming week, April 12th through the 17th! Salina of Coppertop and Maggie Meyers has the remarkable ability to predict all the cool events you’ll be hanging out at this coming week, right here in Huntsville Alabama and […]

Spicecast Special: NMBR 11 Returns

Bernard Bullhack and Yeshiva Lex of americana fusion group NMBR 11 chatted with us via skype about, among other things, their upcoming acoustic EP,  their upcoming show at The Roxy Theatre in Russellville April 9th, and blessings they’ve enjoyed over the last year including getting to meet and work with members of the legendary Swampers.

Spicecast: Salina Brilla of Copper Top and Maggie Meyers

If you’ve been to shows at The Copper Top or Maggie Meyers recently, chances are that this fabulous lady has had a hand in it. Salina Brilla is originally from Chicago where she got her first taste booking for venues and has brought that passion and skill to the valley where she helps book bands […]

Huntsvillain History Podcast #3 Laws Made of Whips – Slavery in Madison County

On this month’s Episode of Huntsvillain History John O’Brien and Ben Jobe take on the more tragic side of Huntsville history, the subject of Slavery in North Alabama. With census and court records dating from 1809 through 1837 O’Brien and Jobe talk about how laws, economics and fear effected the lives of blacks in North Alabama, free and enslaved. This episode includes explicit discussion […]

Spicecast: Jason Sims and April Foolery

Today we’ve got local comedian and improv comedian Jason Sims over at Spice Rack to talk about this weeks April Foolery show at Straight to Ale old campus. We get into the nuts and bolts of comedy as well as talk about this weeks show which will feature sketch, improv, stand-up and a performance from […]

Spicecast: The Old Paints

The Old Paints are an up and coming band out of Birmingham with a southern alt rock and progressive soul sound that’s sure to leave your ears craving more! Breely Flower and Andy Harris chatted with us via Skype about their unique brand of music making and their upcoming tour! You can catch them in […]

Weekly Update March 19th – 25th

Weekly Update March 19th – 25th Great upcoming shows from some amazing local talent!               3/19 – Can’t Afford Cable presents Clockwork Comedy! Saturday March 19th! 3/20 – The Dawn Osborne Band CD Release Reboot! – Box o’ Nerds Comedy Hour! 3/22 – Seeds?, Psychiatric Metaphors, TBA @ WARD 3/25 – Huntsville’s In the Mood LIVE at Straight to Ale – Epic Comedy Hour – Hops Wild presents Free Candy and Pace House!  – The Old Paints / Cute Goat

Weekly Update March 11th – 18th

New Weekly Update!               Check out some of the killer shows and events in the valley this week! March 11th Homegrown Comedy Rock Europa March 12th Karaoke at Hops Wild Craft Beer Bar March 13th The Casket Kids, Up Next, and Treading Water March Madness at Ward House March […]

Spicecast: Cahaba of Birmingham

Yes they’re back and tastier than ever. Cahaba, the rad rock trio from Birmingham Alabama, is now a rad rock quartet with the addition of Kyle on keys! The guys came all the way up to record some awesome debut tracks, as well as some tracks off their new CD, Odd Times, out now! Grab […]

Spicecast: Allen Watkin’s Band

The Allen Watkins Band, first formed at a friendly jam session, quickly turned into a power house of original music! Featuring Allen Watkins, a veteran of touring with such acts as Claire Lynch, Connie Watkins, a singer-songwriter with a CD already available on iTunes and Bob Hall, a classically trained bassist, Allen Watkins Band puts […]

Spicecast: Codie G of Slow Motion Soundz

Bringing Huntsville culture to the world is the name of the game for Codie G of Slow Motion Soundz. Slow Motion Soundz’ work has been featured in magazines and media from Tokyo to Sweden. Codie drops by Spice Rack Studios to talk about the changes in technology, the local Hip-Hop Scene and how to bring Alabama […]

Huntsvillain History Episode #02 – The Maddammes of Madison County

Just in time for your Valentine, a new scandalous episode of Huntsvillain History! John O’Brien is back in Spice Rack studios with a raunchy tale of Alabama debauchery, The Maddammes of Madison County, women who held such a great New Years Party that we’re still talking about it almost two hundred years later. Join us on an […]

Spicecast #69 – Up Next

Meet the band that’s always about to play as soon as these guys are done, that’s right, it’s Up Next. Although occasionally skipped over on open mic listings, Up Next brings a rockin’ sound with some great local talent. Klayton Hodges and Shane Davis share  writing and guitar (with some rad effects!) with the Chris and Kris rhythm section […]

Weekly Update: February 12th – 20th

            New weekly update featuring upcoming shows from some of your favorite Huntsville bands like Them Damn Dogs, Kings Haze, Seeds? and more! Special thanks to That Andy Guy for the background music!

Spicecast Special: Huntsville Committee of 100 – Rock The Vote 2016

            Are you registered to vote?! If not listen up! We had the pleasure of interviewing three representatives from Huntsville’s Committee of 100 about their Rock The Vote event at campus 805 on Tuesday February 9th. The event starts at 5 and there’ll be free food and drink plus you’ll […]

Spicecast #68: Clubhouse Comedy with Sharon Singletary & Terra Jeffery

Today we have the multi-talented and always over-employed Sharon Singletary & Terra Jeffery from new comedy troupe Clubhouse Comedy. Clubhouse Comedy’s first ever show will take place at the Connector in Huntsville’s Lowe Mill Arts and Entertainment venue. The show, hosted by Sharon, and Terra will feature Mariah June, Ari Kobler, slam poet Shea Stripling and Evan Rollet. Doors open […]

Weekly Update: Jan 29 – Feb 6

            Just in time for the weekend, we have a new weekly update covering some of the great shows coming up this week!

Spicecast #67 – The Wolves of Chernobyl

-Hailing from different parts of North Alabama The Wolves of Chernobyl take a shotgun approach to entertainment. The core band of Banjo -Jonathen Seals , Guitar -Michael Hauser, Bass -Ben Jobe, Drums -Sean Fungafat and vocalists -Tyler Nafe and Victoria Olivares also have their alter egos as Horn, Ambrose, Twill, Happy, Constant and Daisy respectively. The Wolves […]

Spicecast #66 The Dawn Osborne Band

With some of the top players in Huntsville, soulful vocals, a dash of jazz and a big helping of American charm, The Dawn Osborne band is a long time staple of the Huntsville music scene. On today’s Spicecast, Dawn belts out some heartfelt vocals on some debut tracks with Newt Johnson on keys, Solomon Grable […]

Spicecast #65 Owen Ni of Run On Recordings

Today we have electronic music artist Owen Ni in the studio. With plenty of hats on his hat rack, Owen produces albums and singles for a variety of labels as well as his own label, Run On Recordings. We speak to Owen on how he became a fan of electronic music and eventually an artists, […]

Spicecast #64 Yellowhammer Brewery

Mmmm, Beer! Tom Yack and Don Milligan of Yellowhammer Brewery drop by Spice Rack Studios to talk all about how they got started with the brewery, how art and brewing work together and their brand new Campus 805 off of Governor’s Drive (or I affectionately call it, the “Beer Mall”) Check it out tonight at 7pm […]

The Huntsvillain Podcast #1

The first all new podcast made at Spice Rack Studios, we’re so happy to introduce you to The Huntsvillain Podcast with John O’Brien and Ben Jobe!   John and Ben lead you on a magical journey through time to revisit some of the most interesting, out of control and downright scandalous events in Alabama history. […]

Spicecast: Katie Lott

Tonight on the Spicecast: We talk to musician Katie Lott originally from Huntsville and now residing in Birmingham. Starting music early in life, Katie pursued different string instruments as she grew as a musician but ended up primarily performing piano and vocals. Katie’s inspiration can come from anything from a single word to everyday life […]

Spicecast: The Box Wine Bandits, The Percocets, and Saw Mamma

Scumbags, street kids, and train traveling troubadours assemble! Celebrate the new year with a debaucherous Spicecast triple feature featuring the down and dirty jangling sounds of The Percocets, Saw Mama and local scoundrels The Box Wine Bandits! The Percocets hail from NYC and feature a sound as raw as the streets themselves. Saw Mama AKA […]

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Spice Radio!

Ho, Ho Ho! Spice Radio’s got one more present for you to unwrap, Yes it’s Big Red hosting a Spicecast Special about tomorrow’s Winter Spice Throwdown at Flying Monkey Arts.   Be sure to check it out right now at spice-radio.com and hear a track from each of the local music acts that will be […]

Spicecast Drew Richter

Getting his start making albums with his band A Symptom of Leisure, Drew Richter has always been involved in the music business in some fashion. His Travels have taken him from Miami to Amsterdam but now’s he’s back in the Tennessee Valley with his first ever solo album “Snake Smile”. Today we hear “Man Who […]

Spicecast: Huntsvillain History with John O’Brien

Since writing an intensive paper on divorce in the 19th century in Alabama, John O’Brien found time and time again, evidence that The Tennessee Valley has always been a crazy place. O’Brien utilizes the extensive archives of Alabama’s oldest city, Huntsville, to find some of the most bizarre, hilarious, and telling stories in Alabama history. From brothel […]

Spicecast: Black Market Haggis

Black Market Haggis comprised of Andy, Garret and Mike are in the Studio with some new spins on some age old dance music. With Garret playing Mandolin and Fiddle, Mike on Guitar, Whistle Banjo and Andy backing it all up on the handheld Bodhran the guys talk about how they came to love traditional Celtic music how the […]

Spicecast: Complex Flavor

On a mission to bring real hip hop music, culture and community to everyone in the Tennessee Valley, Spice Rack Studios was happy to host Complex Flavor for tonight’s Spicecast! A-Twist, Q-Ball and MC Prospect of Complex Flavor drop by to speak on growing the Hip Hop scene in Huntsville and how great hip hop music gets made. […]

Weekly Update: Hoodrat Holiday Edition

              This week DJ Dan has the lowdown on some of the cool shows and events happening in Huntsville the first half of December Upcoming shows from Seeds?, The Kind Society, Them Damn Dogs, JTRA, Ward 205, TGIM Comedy, Chris Salib, KUSH, Old Nick and the Gypsies, Taylor Hoch, The Wolves of Chernobyl and more! Background […]

Weekly Update: October 9 -17

Dj Benjamin Dobbs bringing you the good word about some of the neato events happening in The Valley over the next week! Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for update on all these events and more!