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Weekdays (Monday through Thursday)

    • 12PM: Huntsvillain History with John O’Brien
      6PM: Huntsvillain History with John O’Brien
      7PM: The Spicecast Podcast
      8PM: Know Huntsville Interviews and Music
      9PM: The Spicecast Podcast
      11PM: Spice At Night

Weekends (Friday through Sunday) New Episodes!

    • 12PM: Huntsvillain History with John O’Brien
      6PM: Know Huntsville Interview and Music
      7PM: The Spicecast Podcast
      9PM: The Spicecast Podcast
      11PM: Spice at Night

Check out our youtube at if you are having problems playing local music email us at!

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  1. I absolutely love listening to this man sing!!! Finally!! He and his amazing wife are the best people i know, and his music is just about absolutely perfect

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