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Enjoy local content from the Tennessee Valley!


Weekdays (Monday through Thursday)

    • 12PM: Huntsvillain History with John O’Brien
    • 6PM: Huntsvillain History with John O’Brien
    • 7PM: The Spicecast Podcast
    • 8PM: Know Huntsville Interviews and Music
    • 9PM: The Spicecast Podcast
    • 11PM: Spice At Night

Weekends (Friday through Sunday) New Episodes!

    • 12PM: Huntsvillain History with John O’Brien
    • 6PM: Know Huntsville Interview and Music
    • 7PM: The Spicecast Podcast
    • 9PM: The Spicecast Podcast
    • 11PM: Spice at Night

Check out our youtube at if you are having problems playing local music email us at!

Comments (11)

  1. Melissa Therrell

    Love it!

  2. Marjie hall

    Great. Really interesting.

  3. Wyatt Akins

    This is great! I don’t get out much but love hearing local bands. Thanks.

  4. Matthew Farnham

    What a Fantastic Interview!!!

  5. Benny Pitsinger

    Sounds great! Ben is quite a talented interviewer. Thanks guys!

  6. It’s a real boon to the local musicians and fans.

  7. Catherine

    I absolutely love listening to this man sing!!! Finally!! He and his amazing wife are the best people i know, and his music is just about absolutely perfect

  8. Tom Wolfe

    You guys take station donations??

  9. Erica

    Great music! Keep it up guys!

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