About Spice Radio

Spice Radio Inc. is a Non-Profit, 501(c)(3), based out of Huntsville Alabama focused on supporting local artists through interviews, production and networking. Spice Radio produces podcasts, live streamed events and hosts locally focused shows. We also stream local content 24/7 through our internet radio station. Spice Radio is completely supported by volunteers and charitable donations.

We’re committed to bringing great local content from the Tennessee Valley together with great music you won’t hear anywhere else! If we do our job right you’ll hear a new favorite song and get a new perspective on valley life everyday on Spice Radio.

If you are a local artist we need your help to build Spice Radio! Please contact us via the contact button or our email spiceradiohuntsville@gmail.com


Our Board:


Daniel Bullard

-Musician and professional sound engineer, Daniel Bullard is a Huntsville native and a big supporter of the Huntsville music scene. Dan takes on the brunt of engineering and mastering Spice Radio projects including Spicecasts, Weekly Updates and creative projects from our musicians. You may have seen Daniel’s trumpet skills in acts like Beyond Atomic or most recently, Seeds?, but you can almost always find him at a local show!


Ben Jobe

-Huntsville Native and longtime musician, Ben Jobe operates Spice Radio’s web presence as well as hosting the Spicecast. Ben is an active musician in The Wolves of Chernobyl and the Harlequin Jazz Band. Ben also co-hosts and produces the Huntsvillain History Podcast and helps up and coming podcasters start new projects.

Thomas Wolfe

-A resident of North Alabama for more than 18 years, Thomas is a small business owner, a carpenter and a long time volunteer for Spice Radio. He’s also worked as an MC and volunteer at the last three Spice Fest Annual Music Festivals.

Special Thanks

-John O’brien-

-Salina Brilla-

-Joel Elliot-

-Shelby Butler-

Financial information about Spice Radio Inc. is available to the public on request, please contact us at spiceradiohuntsville@gmail.com with any questions!

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